Eight questions people always ask homeschoolers and unschoolers

If you’ve been a homeschooling or unschooling parent for a while, you are probably already familiar with people commenting on and questioning your choices, or trying to single-handedly determine your child’s level of knowledge on the spot.  Next time you find yourself in the line of fire, try one of these responses.

1. What about socialization?

That’s funny. When I was in school, they always told us, “you are not here to socialize.”

2. Seriously, what about socialization?

I just don’t know how are going to squeeze in socialization. We have karate on Mondays, homeschool park day on Tuesdays, co-op on Wednesdays, and Girl Scouts every other Thursday. Maybe we could pencil it in for Fridays before our game night?

3. I could never stand to be around my kids all day.

I know what you mean. I could never stand to be around your kids all day either. (Credit: Linda Clement of Raising Parents.)

4. Are you worried they won’t fit into society?

Have you looked around lately? I’m more worried that they WILL fit in.

5. You’ll let her go to school if she wants to, right?

You’ll let your kids homeschool if they want to, right?

6. But you seem so normal.

Really? We must not know each other as well as I thought.

7. Oliver, what’s six times seven?

Gee, Bob, I didn’t realize this was a quiz show. What’s the capital of Tanzania? When was Mozart born? What’s 945 divided by 16? What’s the boiling point of hydrogen?

8. That’s great! I’m unschooling too. Well, except for math.

Really? I’m vegetarian too. Except for beef.


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