Six lazy mom steps to being a happier parent

The first Friday in September is National Lazy Mom's Day. I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder than I have since having kids, and that goes for every other parent I know too. In fact, if you give us a free moment to relax without kids, chances are our minds will immediately turn to those... Continue Reading →

I can’t make mom friends

I’ve been a mom for seven years, I have two kids, and I still haven’t learned how to make mom friends. I am not quite sure why that is. I have other deep connections in my life. I’m lucky enough to be married to a person who truly understands me, is a full partner in... Continue Reading →

How we hybrid schooled first grade

If parenthood had a motto, a good candidate would be, “it didn’t go as planned.” When our kids were born, we had every intention of sending them to the local public elementary school as soon as they were old enough for kindergarten. We had even bought a house that was within walking distance to each... Continue Reading →

The ABCs of Life

Black Friday update: This lovely print and many others are on sale with 2-for-1 pricing. The 11x14 print pictured is $34. You can buy them at Little Truths Studio. Last week we were just returning from a lovely vacation near Lake Michigan. We stayed in a big wooden lodge in the Michigan woods with our extended... Continue Reading →

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