Podcast interview | The Empathic Parent Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Colleen Sims of the Empathic Parent Podcast about the alternative schooling path my family has taken. In my personal life, I have a tendency to turn every topic of conversation into a discussion about alternative education (“Oh, you have a third grader? How do they like school?”) so it was fun sitting down to have an uninterrupted exchange. My apologies go out to the countless unsuspecting parents I have approached with this question at parks, pools, and birthday parties.

In this podcast episode we discuss my family’s expedition into the land of alternative education with our two daughters, currently ages 7 and 5. It’s episode #20, “Will My Child Thrive in Alternative Education?” Topics we cover include:

  • How we got started
  • Our year by year approach
  • Our goals for their eventual high school and college years
  • My experience teaching university students who were homeschooled

The two most popular ways to access the podcast are through the Empathic Parent Podcast website and through iTunes (links below), but you can also access it through Google Play, Spotify, and Stitcher.

The Empathic Parent Podcast website (no special apps required): https://guidancewithlove.com/podcast/20

Through iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-empathic-parent/id1432124292 

If you feel so inclined after listening, we would love for you to leave a rating or a review, as that helps to make the podcast more visible to others.


2 thoughts on “Podcast interview | The Empathic Parent Podcast

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  1. I look forward to listening to this podcast and am thrilled that you did this. I’m on a path with my children that is similar to yours, and really enjoy the support and camaraderie that your lovely blog provides.


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