Explaining the death of a beloved pet

When my kids were nearly 4 and 1.5, we lost our 9 year old dog to cancer. It came as a shock to all of us. After being our first baby for many years, he had taken a couple of demotions in life after our kids were born, but he was still an important family... Continue Reading →


Five ways to parent like a tour guide

Imagine that you are a tourist who has just arrived in a brand new country you have never visited before. In fact, before you arrived you had never heard of the place. You have never even read so much as a brochure about it. Upon arrival, you know absolutely nothing about the culture or social... Continue Reading →

Your child is not testing you

Babies are physically exhausting to parent, but as they grow into toddlerhood and beyond, the physical exhaustion is slowly replaced by emotional exhaustion. For much of babyhood, needs and wants are identical, but over time needs and wants start to diverge, which means that parents need to start setting limits. We can’t let our kids... Continue Reading →

Super easy play dough recipe

At ages 6 and 4, my kids have yet to outgrow the play dough phase. In fact, I'm not sure I've quite outgrown it myself. It's one of those things I can do with my kids that is enjoyable for all of us. Below is the recipe I've been using for a while. I start... Continue Reading →

You are not a peaceful parenting failure

Peaceful parenting is a movement that aims to raise kids who will become responsible, resilient, happy adults who do good in the world. It involves setting limits with empathy, trying to understand and address the root causes of problems rather than manipulating behavior through rewards and punishments, and generally being kind and non-punitive in our... Continue Reading →

Four ways babyhood is like a honeymoon

At first glance, having a baby and going on a honeymoon may appear to have nothing in common. One is a fabulous vacation and the other is a decidedly unglamorous jumble of sleep deprivation, spit-up covered clothing, and never-ending laundry. But when it comes down to it, both mark a major transition in life that... Continue Reading →

Are swimming lessons necessary?

Living in Central Texas, getting out to water is a necessity for surviving four or five months of heat.  Fortunately, we have a variety of amazing swimming holes here in the Austin area. That also means there is a lot of pressure to learn to swim early. There are baby swim classes for kids as... Continue Reading →

A filling, frozen summer snack

Nothing says summer like snacking on watermelon, strawberries, and popsicles between dips into the water. Our fruit consumption really goes through the roof during the summer months, which I mostly love. The only part I don't love is that fruit isn't very filling, so it will leave kids (and adults) constantly in search of another... Continue Reading →

Why I’m raising my kids to be wildflowers

It may seem like the last thing the world needs is another parenting style. There is attachment parenting and peaceful parenting; helicopter parenting and slow parenting; tiger parenting and elephant parenting; RIE parenting and the CTFD method. I’m going to sweep these aside for a moment and focus on an analogy: Raising kids is like... Continue Reading →

You can homeschool in less than two hours per day

When someone first envisions homeschooling, the first thought is often a family replicating the school environment at home. Lessons start promptly at 8:30am, with children working studiously around the kitchen table until a break for lunch at noon. After the lunch break, lessons continue until 2:30pm. Then the homeschool day is over. But, for a... Continue Reading →

I don’t play with my kids. Here’s why.

“Mama, will you play on the train with me?” my daughter asked, lining up the dining chairs to form a line of seats. “Sure! Where’s my seat on the train?” I responded, thinking we were about to engage in some good, old-fashioned pretend play together. This is what childhood is supposed to be all about,... Continue Reading →

Nine things never to say to an attachment parent

ARE YOU STILL BREASTFEEDING? Yes, we are still breastfeeding. Many of us continue to nurse until our children outgrow the need. Others choose to employ some gentle weaning strategies. We will probably point out that the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for a minimum of two years, and thereafter as long as the mother and... Continue Reading →

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