Four ways to end screen time battles while stuck at home

As an outdoor enthusiast and learn-by-doing advocate, I've long been a skeptic about the role of screen time in our kids' lives. Our family even took a two-year hiatus from TV a few years ago -- an experience I wrote about here. Of course, that was in the BEFORE picture of the world. Before coronavirus.... Continue Reading →

What about socialization?

If you've ever ventured anywhere near homeschooling, you've probably encountered someone asking the classic and dreaded question, what about socialization? This question is always asked by newcomers to homeschooling. Veteran homeschoolers are more likely to ask things like, How do you balance the needs of multiple kids with very different interests and personalities? or How... Continue Reading →

Five steps to embracing holiday minimalism

Does preparing for the holidays fill you with stress? Are you dreading finding something for everyone on your list? Are you fearing for the barrage of STUFF that will soon descend upon your household? Wouldn’t it be nice to replace these feelings of stress and dread with feelings of calm and joy? Here are five tips to cut down on holiday stress.... Continue Reading →

My descent into pink

This is a guest post by Jesssica Braidwood Turner. We knew our daughter was going to be a girl. From the time we found out I vowed that she would not be shrouded in ‘the pink’ that has taken over the clothing, toy and life choices of baby girls. I was not a fan. Let... Continue Reading →

Five benefits of non-traditional schooling

In our brief seven years of parenthood, we’ve tried quite a few schooling approaches. We’ve done Waldorf preschool. We’ve unschooled. We’ve hybrid-schooled. One form of education we haven’t tried yet is a more conventional school setting and schedule – the kind that involves kids mostly sitting at desks Monday through Friday while doing teacher-directed activities.... Continue Reading →

I can’t make mom friends

I’ve been a mom for seven years, I have two kids, and I still haven’t learned how to make mom friends. I am not quite sure why that is. I have other deep connections in my life. I’m lucky enough to be married to a person who truly understands me, is a full partner in... Continue Reading →

How we hybrid schooled first grade

If parenthood had a motto, a good candidate would be, “it didn’t go as planned.” When our kids were born, we had every intention of sending them to the local public elementary school as soon as they were old enough for kindergarten. We had even bought a house that was within walking distance to each... Continue Reading →

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