Homeschool consulting

Are you considering homeschooling but don’t know how to get started?

Are you new to homeschooling but feeling overwhelmed?

Are you an unschooling family but looking to add some routines or soft structure to your lives? 

Do you feel good about the education your kids are getting but need some ideas for documenting it to meet your state’s requirements? 

I have a limited number of spots available for homeschool consulting services. Below is some information about my qualifications, my approach to homeschooling, and what I can offer you and your family. 

About me

I live in the Austin, Texas area with my husband and two daughters. Our kids (ages 9 and nearly 7) are now 4th and 1st graders and we have been homeschooling full-time or part-time since kindergarten, or since birth depending on how you define it.

Over the years we have also had our kids enrolled part-time in a Waldorf-based preschool, an alternative school, a homeschooling enrichment program, and lots of lessons and classes. We aren’t glued to any one educational philosophy. We change things up regularly to make sure everyone is learning and thriving and getting what they need. 

My qualifications

I love education. I was the type of kid schools are built for, so I did well. I attended public schools from preschool to high school. After that I earned a Bachelor’s degree, two Master’s degrees, and a Ph.D. in sociology with a family specialization. 

Now I’m a professor. I have taught at the post-secondary level for more than a decade. I currently teach at a large research university, but also have experience teaching at a small liberal arts college and a community college. I have taught classes ranging in size from a handful of students to several hundred students. I’ve taught students from a variety of backgrounds including many homeschoolers, which has informed my decision about how to educate my own kids. 

My approach to homeschooling

As a mom with a full-time job, I don’t always fit the stereotype of a homeschooler. My house definitely doesn’t look like a Montessori Instagram account. You won’t see me wielding a color-coded schedule or a Pinterest craft (but it’s cool if you do). I’m not going to plan out a unit on whales (but I fully support you if that’s how you roll). 

On a day-to-day level, I believe in a back to basics approach. Kids need fresh air, sunshine, room to run, and time to wonder. I believe in the power of spending time in nature, reading good books together, and playing board games. 

On a big picture level, I’m interested in helping my kids maintain the love of learning they were born with. I want my kids to experience the spark that ignites their passions. I see the role of education as providing the oxygen to turn those sparks into powerful flames.

I find inspiration in the world of unschooling, but I also want my kids to be more or less on par with their peers when it comes to the basics: reading, writing, and arithmetic. I don’t stress about reading in kindergarten or standardized test scores (we don’t take tests), but I want to know that if my kids ever wanted or needed to jump into a standard classroom, they would have the tools and knowledge they need to succeed there.

How I can help

We are relaxed homeschoolers, but I am happy to work with unschooling families or more structured homeschoolers as well. 

We are secular homeschoolers, but I am happy to work with families from any religious tradition.

We are a family of two working parents, but I am happy to work with stay-at-home parents, work-from-home parents, single parents, or any other work-life or family configuration. 

We believe Black Lives Matter. 

If you think developing a plan together would be a good fit for your family, send me a note using the box below. We can work together to come up with a plan to help you feel good about your child’s education. 


I am offering one hour consultations for $75. I will send you a form before our session so that you can give me some information about your family, your goals, your struggles, and your ideals. After our meeting I will send you a document summarizing the plans we discussed and developed together. 

I look forward to working with you!



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